Can I Use A Glass Lid with Ninja Foodi?

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Glass Lid Ninja Foodi

When I got my Ninja FoodiOpens in a new tab., it opened my eyes to an entirely new possible world of cooking. However, I couldn’t see some dishes cooking using the big clunky pressure cooker lid. Using this lid left me opening the unit often to check on my food, leaving me with one question: can I use a glass lid?

Answer: YES! If you find a glass lid that will fit your Ninja Foodi, it is safe to use for any functions that do not require the pressure cooker lid or tender crisp lid. You can use it generally while sauteing, slow cooking, searing, keeping food warm, and during the first part of making yogurt.

Glass Lid Ninja Foodi

I have found a glass lid of similar size and shape to fit perfectly on the Ninja Foodi. Suppose you cannot find a glass lid that will fit your Ninja Foodi in your pantry. I found out while researching this article that Ninja makes a specific glass lid for the Ninja Foodi!

I made some soup and brought it into the office to share with my coworkers. I used the glass lid on the Foodi. The glass top made for an easy way to view the soup, allowing people to get a peek without opening the lid constantly, which in conjunction with the Keep Warm function, helped keep it steaming when lunchtime rolled around.

So now you might be wondering which glass lid you should get. Keep reading below to match your Foodi with the correct size glass lid.

Glass Lid List for Each Ninja Foodi

I’m only listing model sizes for what I had or could find. If your model is missing, leave a comment, and I’ll find out for you, or if you know, please share!

Model or StyleLid Size
8 Qt Foodi w/Tender Crisp10-1/4″
6.5 Qt Foodi w/Tender Crisp10″
10-1/4″ Fry Pan10-1/4″
3-Qt Saute Pan10-1/4″
12″ Fry Pan12″
5 Qt Saute Pan12″
Glass Lid Ninja Foodi With Food

You don’t need to get your lid directly from Foodi, but you can, as they offer several options. If you are serving food buffet style, you might consider getting several Ninja Foodis. For my wife and I, it has made it very easy to prepare meals in a fraction of the time. We also can serve the needs of our niece when she visits and wants to eat only chicken fingers and fries, but also make a healthier and more adult meal for my wife and me without the need to fire up the oven.

In the next section, I answer my curiosity question when researching this article.

Do Pressure Cooker Lids Come in Glass?

I’ve always wondered what is happening inside the pressure cookers when cooking the food, but you can’t see. You also can’t open them during the pressure cycle. Which really made me wonder if someone had made a very thick glass lid that would allow us to see.

However, there is no such thing that I could find. I’m sure there might be something like a pressure chamber with a glass lid, but I couldn’t find a cooker. I’m sure it would be a safety hazard anyhow.

That said, you can use a glass lid safely on top of pressure cookers when not using the pressure setting. Keep Warm, Saute, Searing, steaming, and slow cooking are all times you could use the glass lid safely on a pressure cooker like the Ninja Foodi and Insta Pot since they are designed with these extra functions. Although typically, when you are searing your food, you won’t use the lid, it does happen.

Last up for this article; I’m going to answer a common question regarding slow cooking; you can read our full article about slow cooking in the Ninja Foodi if you want to learn more.

Do I Need To Seal The Pressure Cooking Lid When Not Pressure Cooking?

Many brands have glass lid options.

A common point of confusion for many people is whether or not they need to seal the lid for slow cooking or they should vent the lid. This directly relates to the glass lid question and is one of the reasons people think they can’t use the glass lid.

When slow cooking, you do not need to seal the lid, and if you use a glass lid, then you don’t need to do anything extra the natural looseness of the cover will self-vent; however, if you use the Pressure Lid, you need to make sure it is on the vent setting. You can read our full article about this specifically for the Ninja Foodi here, but this also applies to other cookers.

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