How To Fix Error 8 on the Ninja Foodi and What It Is

So you have one of the terrible errors on your Ninja Foodi and you aren’t the type of person to MacGyver your way out of trouble. I wish I had better news for you here, but this is a “call customer service” issue. The number printed in my manual is: 1-877-646-5288Opens in a new tab.

Error 8

Answer: You will need to call customer service at 1-877-646-5288 and get warranty service, or if you have purchased it recently, you might be able to return it to the store you got it from. Several people have reported via email and in the comments they were able to get a return processed past the warranty (tips at the bottom of the article).

Yes, I’m sorry to be the one to say these are the worst error messages you can see on the Ninja Foodi, and when researching, the ERR8 seemed to be the most common people asked about.

Error 8

Step 1: Call Support

Don’t panic. Call supportOpens in a new tab.. There is a chance they will be able to help you over the phone and fix the problem. If you have any of these issues and support can help on the phone. You would be doing your fellow Foodi Results Readers a service if you report back and let us post the help for everyone to see.

No Resolution, or do they want you to send it back? Before you spend money on shipping, you might try returning or exchanging it at the store you purchased your Foodi from.

Step 2: Attempt a Return or Exchange

I really can’t say much more than that. The store you purchased your Foodi from has discretion on whether or not they take the item back for exchange or refund. This can be very frustrating if you have had your Foodi longer than the allowed return period.

The best bet you have is to keep in mind the following things:

  • Return staff and managers are people too
  • Asking nicely goes a long way
  • Trying again later is a valid response

I assume all the wonderful people reading Foodi Results are upstanding polite people who know how to win friends and influence people. However, assuming things has never gotten me very far. So keep in mind the people you are asking to help you with a return or exchange likely have been dealing with rude people all day, been scammed a few times, and have a lot of extra work and paperwork after you leave the store.

Just because they grant you a refund or exchange doesn’t mean their job is over. The customer service person or manager often has to do more paperwork after you leave and explain why they allowed the refund or exchange. Being nice really will go a very long way.

If you were as lovely as possible and didn’t get anywhere, it might be worth waiting until a shift change and trying again. This rarely works, but when you are going to be without your Foodi for days or weeks, it might well be worth a shot.

If you cannot get a replacement, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Send It To The Factory For Repair or Warranty Service

If you have exhausted all options or are unwilling to try step 2 (I typically avoid that one me). Then the only thing left is to call customer service back and start the Warranty Service or general repair process. Hopefully, your Foodi is under Warranty and will be covered.

However, when I looked, many people said they had to pay for shipping to get service. It would be worth asking the agent if they can waive any shipping fees. Again as I mentioned before, being nice can go a long way. Many customer service agents are only getting to hear from the people that have problems and are not happy. So if you can lighten the mood and show some compassion, you will often be able to get better service than everyone else.

I will update this post as we learn more about the specific errors and possible fixes.

*Errors may be fixed without needing warranty service to have the asterisk and a link to the corresponding article.

Tips Based On Feedback from Y’all!

Several people have reported being able to get a return on their Foodi product even a year or more out of warranty. This doesn’t work for everyone and several people have shared back their tips when asked on how they did it, the number one answer was, “be very nice.” I didn’t find that all that shocking people want to help people they like and being nice to someone working phone support can go a long way. Other tips ranged from keeping their papwerwork and recipets in order, to paying a small fee to get it done.

I realize these tips align with what is said in the steps above, but I wanted to give those looking for a shortcut a cut and dry way to get the answer they seek.

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If you know about an error I don’t have listed please tell me about it in a comment!

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