What is the Largest Ninja Foodi Air Fryer?

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Suppose you are trying to find the largest Ninja Foodi so that you can cook for large events or a big family. Then you have come to the right place. I have compiled a complete list of all the largest Ninja Foodis: What is the Largest Ninja Foodi?

This article is about the largest Ninja Foodi Air Fryer. The Ninja Foodi is such a diverse line of products it took me a hot second to decide how I wanted to organize this, but in this article, we are looking at Air Fryer Foodis to determine the largest. I’ve decided the best way is to group the Ninja Foodi Air Fryers as they do on their website.

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This decision means we are only looking at the cookers Ninja categorizes as Air FryersOpens in a new tab.. Even though, technically, many of their products have an Air Fryer function, I had to find a way to limit the scope and prevent the identical product from winning the same category twice.

For that reason, I have excluded the Ninja Foodi 8-qt. 9-in-1 Deluxe XL from this list because it already won the Largest Ninja Foodi Cooking Pot category, which you can click the link to learn about, and it also is the same 8-qt. capacity.

Limiting our list this way made this a straightforward and obvious winner!

Answer: The Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 10-qt. 2-Basket Air Fryer with DualZone Technology and Smart Cook System is the largest Ninja Foodi Air Fryer with a massive 10-quart capacity. It is double the next smallest size and nearly doubles the next biggest Foodi. This unit is 17.1″ L x 13.9″ W x 12.8″ H and weighs 17.86 Lbs

Wow, this air fryer is enormous, and it is made that much more remarkable because it has two baskets that you can set at independent temperatures. It might be essential to note that the runner-up, the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Max XL has a single basket with a 5.5-qt. capacity. This new 10-quart model also usurps the 8-quart model I started writing about.

Having two 5-quart cooking baskets and the ability to set different temperatures is enormous! Now, when cooking for a large crowd on game day or other large events, you can quickly prep, heat, cook, or warm different foods.

Keep reading to learn about the features of the new 10-quart Ninja Foodi Air Fryer.

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What Features Does the Largest Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Have?

The biggest thing that has me dreaming about this machine is DualZone cooking. You get two baskets, and you can set different temperatures, different cook times, or change things out mid-way, whatever you can imagine. Cooking chicken fingers and french fries will no longer be a balancing act of guessing a suitable mid-way temperature to use and setting the time at something different than what the package recommends.

I also picked the smart version of this Air Fryer because adding a temperature probe into the mix means you can do more with less. No longer will you need to open the door and peek at the food or stick it with a thermometer during cooking, losing valuable heat and time.

There are standard programming options on this with some of the lowest temperature settings I have seen at 105 degrees F:

  • Air Fry
  • Air Broil
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Reheat
  • Dehydrate

It has a feature called IQ Boost which will help you cook a whole 6 Lbs chicken and side to finish at the same time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this new Ninja Foodi Air Fryer!

Keep reading to learn about power use and cost.

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How Much Power Does the Largest Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Use?

This big boy Ninja is going to use 1690 watts. Since I don’t own this Ninja yet, I’ll rely on one of my readers to help out. It would be much appreciated if you have a Kill-o-watt device and want to report on power usage during different cook options.

Like the other Ninja Foodi, this should save you money over cooking in a traditional electric oven, and I hope to back that up with data soon.

Now we will look at the current cost to get one of these 10-qt. beasts.

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How Much Does the Largest Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Cost?

Currently, the Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 Smart 10-qt. 2-Basket Air Fryer will set you back $249.99, which seems like a pretty decent deal.

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