Ninja Foodi Infomercial List and Recipes w/Timestamps

Important: This post will be updated as we find new Infomercials and as we make the same or similar recipes I will add links to our videos and articles.

As a kid I had a little trouble sleeping. I would either stay up reading or watching all the fascinating new products on infomercials. I know it is a little strange, but I loved them! I got to learn about some cool new things many of which I never bought, and a little something about salesmanship from an entertainment standpoint.

So if you are thinking of getting a Ninja Foodi I think there is no better way to make an introduction then to watch a few infomercials, check out our YouTube channelOpens in a new tab. where we cook real dishes, and stick around to read a few articles.

Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker by Ninja Kitchen

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Shark Ninja Production

This infomercial has several celebrity chefs.

6:50 we have our first chef Elizabeth KarmelOpens in a new tab.. She is going to make a Pepperoni Pizza Bake and St. Louis Ribs.

7:25 They jump right in making the Pepperoni Pizza Bake and show some of the cooler features of the Foodi by mixing the pasta right into the sauce. Then comes the cheese and ppperoni for a quick meal that looks amazing. I can’t wait to try this one out and make a video for you guys.

Total 30 min – cook time

9:32 They are going to jump right into the ribs by cooking the meat under pressure. Add the sauce then tender crisp them. OMG I can’t believe I have not already done this dish, but I can promise it is coming soon!

Total 1 hr – cook time

11:08 “Introducing Ninja Foodi”

Ok I have to admit I geek out a little on this kind of stuff call me a weirdo but I love this part of infomercials. It is typically a fast paced information packed section where we learn something cool and they typically do a very good job of selling the product. In this case I already own a Ninja and I still love watching this section!

70% FASTER right from frozen! LOL I’m telling you I love these parts and I gotta say they are doing a great job of making me hungry all over again!

14:48 Our second celebrity is Chef and author Aarti SequeiraOpens in a new tab. her 2 meals are going to be “weeknight chicken dinner” and “sneaky mama mac and cheese,” and they both look amazing!

15:22 – Weeknight Chicken Dinner, and this is nice because this is a “360 Meal” meaning it has a protein, vegetable, and starch all in 1 meal. This demo is nice because she is showing us some secretes for getting better results with different food types.

Total 35 min – cook time

17:54 Sneaky Mama Mac and Cheese, and you will love this one because it is sneaky due to the fact that there are hidden vegetables inside 😉 Also, as an added bonus this meal has a crispy top. I personally can’t go back to the old ways of cooking.

Total ~40 min – cook time

21:05 Next in our lineup we have Justin WarnerOpens in a new tab. celebrity chef and author. And he is going to show us short ribs with roasted veggies!

The Foodi is “speed dating for flavors” lol I love this!

24:44 “Introducing the Ninja Foodi” this is the same rundown as before. Here I am getting hungry again!


QVC Ninja Foodi XL 8-qt: Thanks Giving Dinner

This one seriously gets me excited and I’m thinking, “how can they fit Thanks Giving dinner in 15 min?” I know the answer is the magic of a lot of editing but follow along as I give you some time breakdowns below.

0:00 Start right off by pulling a turkey breast out that has been cooking for an hour. It looks amazing!

4:30 Casserole (Sam’s mac-n-cheese) super creamy and cheesy mac and cheese. This looks very similar to the one that is in book, but I’m going to investigate and link back after we have made something like this.

6:00 Mashed Potatoes. One of my favorite dishes. She gives a nice breakdown of how to make and mash the potatoes right in the Foodi.

7:43 Baked Rolls! Yeast dinner rolls! I’ve been waiting to see some baking and here it is!

8:58 French Fries. I tried some fries but I was not happy with the results so I’m going to have to revisit this, however, I will say the fries my wife and cooked dropped around 4 tbs of oil in the bottom of the bowel!

10:20 A little note about cleaning the Air Fryer lid. I will have an article and video about this very soon.

12:43 Risotto, I have to admit I don’t have experience with this one so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

BOO at the 15 min mark they cut this one. She was about to show fried risotto, and from what I could see it looked good so we will have to make that at some point 😉


QVC Ninja Foodi 8-qt Deluxe XL

This really seems like the same script as the QVC vids below except it is in the 8-qt Deluxe version.

0:55 First up we have a turkey breast with a nice crisp on it!

2:30 Creamy Mac and Cheese and this really looks like to me the recipe from the book you get with the Deluxe.

5:20 Cheese Burgers and Burgers. I can’t wait to give this a shot in mine! It is also very impressive that they have put so many in there, and they are using the racks that come with the Foodi, or at least the ones we got when we purchased the Deluxe from Target. I will be writing a buying guide we were able to save almost $80 on ours!

6:10 To go with your burgers you are going to need some fries. And that is what is up next for us Air Crisp French Fries.

6:49 Pasta bake! Seems like every segment has the pepperoni pasta bake, but I do like how they had this one way more done.

Side note I don’t remember getting the silicone gloves in mine, but it makes me want to take a second look. They are the kind of thing that could have got shoved in a drawer before we know how important they were, but I can tell you they would be ultra helpful. I have fumbled for towels and paper towels and and anything else to pull my pot out at times.

HSN 1-hr long Ninja Foodi Original

First shot is a a nice looking turkey or chicken, but I don’t know that yet. What I do know is my mouth is watering.

1:42 The host introduces Kinzie SwanheartOpens in a new tab. and I have seen her in a couple of other Foodi productions introduced as a test kitchen cook. I would be her job is very fun.

2:26 It was chicken and they do the comparison between the tender crisp and pressure cooked version. Basically it is like looking at something you see in a comedy making fun of a failed meal and the “ultimate family dinner.”

3:23 BBQ sticky St. Louis Ribs this is done by pressure cooking then tender crisping! They look like they came right from the grill. I was thinking it and they said it, “we all crave texture!”

5:20 1-Pot meal – This is our good ol’ favorite of the paste bake. They are showing it earlier in the process so you get to see them add the cheese and pepperoni.

9:20 From the freezer 2 lbs of French Fries. These really look good with a nice brown spicy look.

11:25 We sneak a peak at the pasta bake.

12:18 Steak and Mashed Potatoes! This looks so fantastic because we are shown that the potatoes are in water, and she adds FROZEEN steaks right on top of the water potatoes using a rack. This is official ‘mind blown’ territory. 2 min on pressure cooking. They go into some of the features about the pressure cooker and show how it works in general.

16:45 we get to see the finial results of the potatoes and steak cook. I really can’t wait to make this one!

19:15 we learn that between switching the lids the mashing was done and cheese and cream were added so you have that nice crisp finish on top and some fantastic potatoes on bottom!

23:20 We revisit the pasta bake and it looks just as good as you would expect! Ready to dive in and enjoy. General cook time is mentioned as 30 min.

25:41 Examples of the dehydrate function on the table. There are some really good looking fruits and veggies, but also beef jerky!

27:15 Chicken Wings! Oh yeah, these look good and I have tried them a few different times, I promise it works as good if not better than they show. That video should be out soon, but I will link it here once it is out.

30:00 we jump into a shot of some bacon brussels spouts. Roasted brussels spouts with bacon and siracha mayo; yes please.

33:05 How to make an entire chicken inside the Foodi. This is nice because she has a little video guide that teaches about the tools with the Foodi and how to use them.

37:30 When it comes to that whole chicken inside the Foodi this is what you have been waiting for as she shows us what it looks like when it is done! This thing again is movie ready.

43:33 Home made chili with corn bread topping and cheese. I’m sitting here wondering how the HSN staff are not all approaching my weight.

44:50 A quick shot of a chocolate cookie skillet that I thought was worth noting, but it got better as they cut into it, and now I know a great desert I want to try in my Foodi… Oh did I mention they then add ice cream. They really know how to make a guy hungry.

51:45 Salmon dish using the book guide for making 360 meals. First they cook the rice and veggies, then on the top rack they add salmon filets and a few more veggies.

55:00 We get to see the Salmon dish done. It looks so good. More recipes for me to try out!

QVC Ninja Foodi 6.5 qt 8-in-1

QVC has some very similar scripting on these videos so I really just break down this first video (it was the first one I found of the bunch). Then I post the other videos for you to check out.

These videos include the Ninja Foodi Original both the 6.5 qt and the 8 qt.

0:57 Whole roasting chicken is the first one to kick it off here. They also give some instructions for us saying, pressure cooker for 20-22 min, then swap the lid for crisper. Crisp for 15 min or longer for more crispy outer layer.

4:15 Ribs these really look fantastic. Same as mentioned in other places pressure cook the ribs then tender crip them with bbq sauce on for some amazing results.

6:15 The pepperoni pasta bake is back again. Pressure cook the noodles right in with the sauce. Next switch your lids out add the cheese and pepperoni. Now all that is left is to let that baby tender crisp to perfection!

9:05 French Fries! Each time I see the fries I think about that nice crispy fry bite I like. These have that! Here they are tender crisping 2 lbs fries and they come out fantastic. Air frying at it’s best!

10:51 Montage of foods, you know the standard stuff any foodie might want to see 😉

This one is the same script as the first.

Here is a slightly different one for the 8 qt version of the original Ninja Foodi.

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