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Here you can find a collection of different accessories, cooking gear, utensils, spices, and more. Most of them will have short reviews by the person that used/uses them and links to Amazon or other online sellers with our affiliate code attached. If you don’t know what the affiliate code is it just tells Amazon, Target, Best Buy, or whoever that Foodie Results was the one that told you about the product so we can get paid by them. Links like this don’t cost you any extra and they are what supports this site as a form of advertising. However, we only recommend products we actually use and like.

That being said let’s get started by dividing things out into categories. Please note some things may be listed twice this is ok as I plan to move these categories out to separate pages at a later time and it will make more sense to place some things multiple times. Also, as a way to maximize your savings when possible, I have included alternative links to other stores or listings in the same stores. I encourage you to look around for better pricing especially on Amazon and Walmart links and then report them back so we can all enjoy the deal you found!

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